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Hotels & Transfers.

Hotels & Transfers

Travel has become an indispensible part of the corporate scenario. Executives, today, have to travel to various parts of the globe to represent the company, be a part of meetings, conference and more. Now, whether you have a meeting in Amsterdam, or a conference in Chicago; travel with the assurance of AirCruise’s seamless services and without the hassle of worrying about hotel bookings and local transfers.

AirCruise= Convenience + Competitive Rates

AirCruise leverages its network and long-standing relationships with the hotel across the world to offer you the very best and most competitive rates that are up to 30-40% cheaper than the rack rates. To make your travel and stay convenient, we also offer our services to provide local transfers, should you require them.

Our vast experience in corporate travel ensures that we build efficiencies for your company through intuitive service and maximized convenience to deliver beyond your expectations.