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Leisure Travel.

Leisure travel

AirCruise makes your holidays memorable. From the template tours to bespoke, off-beat holiday destinations, we offer you everything from options and advice to the best packages and airfare. Give yourself an experience of a lifetime, each time, with us!


leisureWe have seen the world and we are here to show you what we have seen. Our desire to give you the best holidays is matched only by our own thirst for travel. We understand the joy of exploring, the decadence of luxury resorts, the wanderlust and the need to get away. So place your travel requirements in the right hands and pack your bags. We will do the rest for you.

From international holidays to domestic destinations, AirCruise has made vacations special for thousands of clients
since 1996. We carefully select and hand-pick tours, destinations and hotels and restaurants to meet your unique needs and expectations. So, speak with our experienced consultants about the kind of holiday you want and your budget, and watch them bring the best destinations and offers to you. Allow us to make your holidays memorable with our rich experience.